I was born (1974) and raised in Roosendaal (The Netherlands). 

I still dream every night to be a professional soccer player or an opera singer, but I am not very talented (also not in my dreams..). In my free time I prefer to be on the water with my boat or to play soccer with my son. 

I studied Economic Psychology at the Universities in Leiden and Tilburg. In 2006 I received my Ph.D degree

With my background in Psychology I am interested in people’s behaviour and thinking.

Currently I am Product Manager (SAFe) 'Data' at Essent [Energy] in The Netherlands. 

Previously I was Head of Data Intelligence at RTL [Media], and I worked at ING NL and Rabobank International [Finance].

Please contact me for my resume via email or look at LinkedIn


public speaking

In April '21 gave a master class about 'Health Analytics' organized by Skipr. 

In October '19 I participated in a panel discussion about 'Data as currency for society's good' on the CMS Annual Technology, Media and Communications Conference in Amsterdam. 

In June '19 I gave a presentation AI in Media at EmerceNext conference in Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam (pic1 & pic2)

In March '19 I gave a lecture - Value Creation with Big Data - at TIAS business school (University of Tilburg).  

In March '19 I gave a talk on HealthCare Analytics Event

In Feb '19 I gave a talk on Marketing Insights Event in Utrecht (Jaarbeurs). 

In November '18 I gave a talk at 'Beyond Data' event organized by Rabobank. 

In October '18 I gave a talk on the Digital Analytics congres organized by MOA. I received 8,3 score in the evaluation - which was the highest of all.

In November '17 I was key note speaker at the Talent Event in Jaarbeurs (Utrecht). 

In september '17 I was a key note speaker at the Big Data Expo >> and >>

In May 2016 I gave a talk at a Meet Up session 'Data Donderdag' >>>

In October '15 I gave a presentation about 'Data Science' at the alumni event of Tilburg University - pictures >>

In September '15 I gave a presentation on the 'Big Data Expo' in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. 

On April '15 I gave a presentation about 'Media Data Intelligence' at the Cross Media Cafe in Hilversum - article >>> and video >>>

In September '14 I spoke on the yearly International Broadcast Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam. 

Customer Experience’, March '13. Network organization ‘CustomerConnection’. 

Key Criteria for Successful Marketing Research Projects, January 2010. Financial Services Research & Insight Forum, London (UK).

Research Framework to Analyze Customer Online Behaviour [key note speech], December 2008. Market Research for Financial Services Conference, Miami (US).

Understanding Online Behaviour to Retain the Financial Customer, February 2006. Financial Services Research & Insight Forum in London (UK).


In March '21 I was interviewed by Skipr about the value of Data for Health care sector >>>

In June '17 I was interviewed on stage by Google's Big Data Lead, Tino Tereshko, at the 'Google Next' event in Amsterdam. The subject was about Big Data tools to build real-time data analysis pipelines. 

In June '17 I was interviewed on the latest developments on Data at RTL for the yearly MediaPark conference. 

An  interview for Dutch BroadCast magazine about data in the Dutch media sector - published in June '17. 

In September '16 I was a panel member in the session 'New skills for the robot-dominated future at the IBC - pic1 & pic2

Another nice video interview with me >>>

In June '16 I was interviewed - 'RTL is front runner with its Big Data platform' (Marketing Facts). More than 8000 reads!  

I gave a short interview in Feb '16 why we use Apache Spark for our Big Data platform at RTL Nederland >>>

In December '15 I was interviewed as manager Consumer Intelligence - the tag line was 'it is big playground for data scientists at RTL' (in Dutch).

In January '07 the Dutch magazine interviewed me for Marketing for an article about ‘Personalized Marketing campaigns by clickstream analyses’. I elaborated how companies can utilize clickstream analyses as a marketing instrument to intensify customer relationships. 



On November '21 I gave a master class about 'how to build a team with data specialists' organized by Skipr. The participants evaluated my presentation with the score 8,4. Some people gave it a 10!  

On 17 September 2020 I provided a masterclass about 'Qualifications & Skills: Newest skills for Data Professionals' at Coursera and European Leadership University. 

In November 2015 I gave a guest lecture 'Media Data Intelligence' at the Marketing Department of the University of Tilburg. 


In June '22 teaching statistics, analytics and research techniques - using various AI & ML use cases - to participants of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) course.  

In April '21 I will give a guest lecture about Big Data at TIAS Tilburg University

In Jan 2021 I gave a guest lecture to students from the Research Master Psychology from Tilburg University.. 

In October 2018 I gave a guest lecture on 'Creating Value with Big Data Analytics' for TIAS Business school at University of Tilburg. 

In January and November '17 I was invited to provide a masterclass 'Creating Value with Big Data Analytics' at TIAS Business school. 

In October 2012 I gave a guest lecture on the Vrije University in Amsterdam about ‘Web mining’. Afterwards a student said it was great to see that I present a so-called boring topic with great enthusiasm.. I think that’s a compliment. 

In March 2009 I gave a guest lecture ‘Statistical Research Techniques in Practice’ to bachelor students Marketing at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. 


In November and December 2007 I taught ‘Consumer Marketing’ to Master students of Marketing at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

Begin 2007 I gave a guest lecture with the title ‘How to integrate the Internet in the Direct Marketing Strategy’ at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.



In February 2020 I published an article on LinkedIn on 'Why we tell stories

In February 2019 I published an article on LinkedIn on 'Art & Science'. It is my story about five years in Media. 


Together with prof D. Sikkel I published the article 'Stickiness: The value of saved money' in the JMA.

Consumer Behaviour  

I wrote a short blog about how customer insights helps having to understand customer behaviour

I wrote a white paper with the title Customer Intelligence is a key driver for Customer Experience’. Happy to hear your feedback!

Online behaviour 
As co-author I wrote the first chapter ‘Analyzing Online Behaviour’ of the book E-Commerce coming into its own’.

I contributed to the year book 2008 of the Dutch Market Research Association (MOA). Title of my article was ‘Analyses of Consumer Behaviour on the Internet’.

In 2007 I finished and defended my PhD thesis  Financial Behaviour on the Internet’ 

In 2006 my article ‘Customer Development and Retention on a Web-banking site’ was published in the Journal of Interactive Marketing, 20 (1) 58-64. 

In 2004 my article ‘A suitable Research Methodology for Analyzing Online Banking Behaviour‘ was published in the Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 9 (1). 


Recently I received a very kind message: " Thank you again for so patiently responding to all my questions at the Psychology Alumni event at Tilburg University. Your insights ended up having a very strong impact on my "what-to-do-after" the Research Master decision-making ". 

In November 2018 I participated in the jury for the "International Customer Experience Award". 

June 2017 I participate in a Bertelsmann's 'Preparing for Opportunities' program at INSEAD in FontaineBleau (FRA).  

RTL is part of Bertelsmann - in May 2017 I organized and hosted the Advanced Analytics Event for data scientists and data engineers from several Bertelsmann companies. 

In 2013 I was moderator on the ‘Selligent Finance Day 2013’. All large financial institutions in the BeNeLux participated and demonstrated how they organize their marketing campaign management.  

In 2013 I organized and hosted a CRM -conference for my colleagues from Belgium, Ireland, Germany and Poland.

In 2009 I became a member of the NIMA exam committee. NIMA is the Dutch Institute for Marketing.